Costly HR Mistakes (PART 2)

Following on from my last article, some more costly HR mistakes that can be avoided.

PART 2 – HR’s 10 Most Expensive Mistakes

  1. Dodgy Disciplinaries –  Following a correct and fair disciplinary procedure is critical and failing to adhere to the disciplinary procedure and principles of natural justice will render a dismissal unfair regardless of the substantive reason for the dismissal. There are cases from the EAT every week which illustrate this point. 
  2. Bad Language – Be mindful of throw away comments in recruitment and general work place situations. Don’t ask women at interview who will mind the children. It will cost you. Don’t make flippant comments or assumptions when dealing with complaints e.g. “pull yourself together”  is not the thing to say to someone who claims they are suffering from work place stress. Be cautious and mindful that you may not always know the full circumstances of a situation and don’t be afraid to take time out and come back to someone with answers to their questions.
  3. Car Crash Consultations – It is particularly important to ensure that adequate consultation takes place with employees in respect of changes to working conditions or if a redundancy situation arises even when it may be obvious that redundancy can be the only outcome. Always allow time for feedback and review of options before issuing notice of termination due to redundancy or implementation of significant changes in the workplace and ensure that you have taken professional advice.

(Reference People Management June 2015)