Disciplinary & Grievance Hearings

Whilst it is inevitable that grievances and disciplinary issues will arise in the workplace, it is one of the areas of people management that consistently causes problems for employers and particularly so with claims under the Unfair Dismissal legislation, under which an award of two years salary can be made, with compensation often awarded because of lack of due process and procedure being followed, even when a substantive and legitimate reason for dismissal existed.

To avoid unnecessary costs through potential litigation, it is critical that all disciplinary and grievance matters are handled properly and fairly, should they be escalated to a third party. In this regard, as per the Statutory Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Handling (S.I. no 146/2000),  all workplace grievance and disciplinary issues must be handled in accordance with due process and the principals of natural justice which includes

  • the right to a fair hearing
  • the right to respond
  • the right to be accompanied
  • the right of an independent appeal

If you are faced with a grievance or disciplinary situation that you are unsure how to handle, HR Solutions can provide expert support and advice in a number of ways including

  • drafting robust disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • providing advice on the correct steps and processes to be followed on receipt of a grievance or allegation of misconduct arising
  • conducting independent investigations
  • conducting grievance and disciplinary meetings or appeals on behalf of employers

For further information on how HR Solutions can support the handling of disciplinary and grievance situations that arise in your business, email info@hrsolutions.ie, telephone (071) 9642748 or book an appointment online for an initial consultation.