Employee Handbooks

Why Have an Employee Handbook ?

An employee handbook is an important and practical way to clearly outline the procedures & policies that apply in your work place. Whilst workplace practices may be understood, written policies and procedures  provide a clear framework within which to deal with problems when they arise, as well as providing clarity for employees on what is expected of them, in addition to their entitlements at work. Your employee handbook supports the employment contract and will ensure in the event of disagreement, that there are clear guidelines in place for both parties.

Essential HR Procedures

Different businesses will require different policies and procedures depending on what they do, but the following are a sample of some of the policies and procedures that will normally be needed, with those marked by an * required under different Statutory Codes of Practice.

  • Absence Management & Reporting Absence
  • Annual Leave & Booking Procedure
  • Dress Code & Uniform Requirements
  • Statutory Leave Entitlements (maternity, adoptive, carers, parents, parental, force majeure leave etc )
  • IT Policy
  • Use of Social Media
  • Time Keeping
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Staff Purchases
  • Travel & Expenses
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Use of Mobile Phones
  • Driving & Use of Company Vehicles
  • Health & Safety
  • Cash Management
  • Redundancy
  • Retirement
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Garda Vetting
  • Adverse Weather Attendance
  • Protected Disclosures
  • Right To Disconnect

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