Employee Relations & Best HR Practice

The changing nature of the workplace has never been more evident with Covid 19 forcing all employers to change a number of practices and workplace norms for their employees to varying degrees, from implementation of lay off and remote working through to changed/staggered working patterns, Zoom and video interaction and management of employees who are not in the workplace.

Good communication and positive employee interaction has been central to navigating the pressures that Covid 19 brought to the workplace, and remains a critical aspect of working life as we move forward from Covid 19.  If you feel your business could benefit from a review of any aspect of it’s employee engagement, communication processes, performance management systems or generally how HR practices are working, HR Solutions can provide advice and discuss options available to ensure that ongoing change is managed well and that employees remain motivated and committed to the business. In addition, any necessary restructuring or changes to employee roles and responsibilities needs to be handled with proper communication and process to maintain good employee relations for all impacted.

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