Employment Law Advice

Employment Law

Compliance with the complex and vast amount of current employment legislation and best practice in managing staff is an essential requirement for all employers, not only from a legal point of view but also to ensure that staff are engaged, working efficiently and motivated to support the achievement of your business objectives.  There are currently over 30 different pieces of legislation that all employers are required to adhere to, in respect of areas such as documentation of terms and conditions of employment, dismissal procedures, Sunday payment rates, working hours, rest periods, annual leave, public holidays, as well as new requirements in respect of the right to disconnect and increased statutory leave entitlements for parents of children.  Therefore, it is not surprising that it is an area that many business owners find difficult to deal with, but one that can be costly when non compliance is dealt with through the WRC and Labour Court, with the WRC having the power to inspect employment records and interview employees to ensure that businesses are compliant.

Employment Issues

In addition to the various pieces of legislation that employers need to ensure full compliance with, there are a wide range of typical employment law and people management issues that can arise in any workplace including

  • changing business requirements in respect of roles/hours/rosters
  • poor on the job performance
  • regular short or long term absenteeism
  • implementing short time & lay off
  • redundancies
  • disciplinary issues
  • bullying and harassment complaints

If you need to concentrate on running your business, HR Solutions with its vast experience in HR management and employment law can take the headache out of dealing with these difficult situations and will provide practical step-by-step advice and support on how to deal with problems and legal issues in the workplace.

HR Solutions can also advise on the preventative steps that can be taken to ensure that changing requirements in your business and staff management issues can be managed more efficiently including the initial documentation of employment rights and obligations for both parties in the contract of employment and employee handbook, to ensure clarity in the employment relationship.

For further information on our employment law advisory services, email info@hrsolutions.ie,  telephone (071) 9642748 or book an appointment online for an initial consultation.