Professional Recruitment Support

Having the right people with the right skills is essential in every business but not always easy to get right. Poor recruitment decisions can ultimately be very costly to a business with increased attrition, lack of productivity, failure to meet customer deadlines, additional training time and unnecessary management time being spent dealing with the implications of the wrong fit.

Discrimination in Recruitment

It is also critical that recruitment practices are fair and not discriminatory in any manner and under current equality legislation applicants may be awarded up to €12,697 for discriminatory treatment during a recruitment process on any of the following grounds


  • Age
  • Gender (man, woman or transsexual)
  • Civil Status (single, married, divorced, separated, widowed, civil partners and former civil partners)
  • Family status (parent of a person under 18 or the parent or resident primary carer of a person with a disability)
  • Sexual orientation (gay, lesbian, bisexual or hetrosexual)
  • Religion
  • Disability
  • Membership of the traveling community
  • Race

Structured Recruitment

HR Solutions can manage all aspects of your recruitment requirements or assist with any stage to ensure a structured and legal process is followed including

  • Development of job descriptions
  • Advice on advertising and resourcing methods
  • Referral policies
  • Short-listing of applicants
  • Psychometric testing
  • Structured Interviewing
  • Applicant feedback and correspondence
  • Issuing of a comprehensive contract of employment and employee handbook

For further information on our recruitment support services, email,  telephone (071) 9642748 or book an appointment online for an initial consultation.