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Constructive Dismissal

In a recent WRC decision (ADJ - 00002854) an Adjudication Officer held that an employee had been constructively dismissed despite the fact that she had not exhausted the use of internal grievance procedures which is normally a requirement for a successful constructive dismissal claim. An award of €15,528 was made.

When Love Gets In The Way of Business !

It is not that unusual that the workplace is an obvious place where people find love given the amount of time that people spend at work as well as the wide range of work related social events that employers organise for their employees. However, it may be difficult for employees involved in workplace liaisons to maintain appropriate lines between their private and work lives and workplace romances can sometimes be distracting, cause interpersonal conflicts and also potentially lead to claims of favoritism, discrimination and/or sexual harassment. So what can employers do about this ?

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