Statutory Sick Pay

Under the Sick Leave Act 2022, all employees who currently do not get paid sick leave from their employer will be entitled to avail of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) once they meet the conditions set out in the legislation.

All employees who have completed 13 weeks continuous service will be entitled to receive SSP at the rate of 70% of their daily rate of pay, which is capped at €110.00 per day, for up to three days in 2022.

Thereafter, the number of days for which SSP may be payable is due to increase on a phased basis as follows

5 Days – 2024

7 Days – 2025

10 Days – 2026

SSP will only be payable when a medical certificate that has been signed by a registered medical practitioner is issued on the first day of absence.

SSP may be payable for consecutive or non-consecutive days, provided that medical certification is issued to cover the period of absence that SSP may be applicable to.

Employers who already have sick pay schemes that have more favourable terms to the statutory provisions will not be required to implement SSP.