Investigations into Bullying & Harassment Complaints, Grievances, Protected Disclosures and Potential Disciplinary Issues

When is a Workplace Investigation Necessary?

There are many situations that arise in the workplace that will require a robust independent investigation to be undertaken prior to any further steps or processes being initiated including


  • alleged misconduct such as theft, misuse of company resources
  • bullying and harassment complaints raised by employees against colleagues, managers or other parties
  • alleged breaches of policies and procedures
  • grievances raised by employees about workplace issues or colleagues

How Should Workplace Investigations be Conducted?

It is critical that any workplace investigation is undertaken in a transparent manner that produces evidence based data to inform any further stages that may be necessary such as a disciplinary hearingIt is also necessary that the investigation stage of a process is conducted by personnel that will not be involved in any later stages that may arise on foot of the findings of an investigation. Furthermore, the rules of natural justice, various statutory codes of practice and specific organisational procedures will need to be reflected in how allegations and complaints are investigated including


  • the right of employees to be allowed respond fully to any allegations raised against them
  • the right of employees to have a fair and unbiased hearing
  • the right to have relevant evidence and witness accounts reviewed
  • the right to be accompanied at investigation meetings

Why Use an External Independent Investigator?

Often organisations due to their size or due to the complexity of the issues involved will not have the capacity or expertise to conduct proper objective investigations, and can leave themselves exposed to litigation and their processes being deemed procedurally unfair, even when there may have been evidence available to support allegations of misconduct or employee complaints.

HR Solutions have a vast amount of experience and expertise in conducting a broad range of workplace investigations and offers the following benefits to organisations who use its professional investigation services

  • Comprehensive and professional interviewing of relevant parties
  • Clear detailed evidence-based reports to support findings and recommendations
  • Confidential and impartial process for all parties involved
  • Excellent practical understanding of HR processes and procedures
  • Independent and unbiased outcomes that can withstand challenge

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